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Solutions built from the ground up.
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One of the key ingredients for a successful business...
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Monald Studios is an Official reseller for Nonius. NONIUS Provides World leading Hospitality solutions: in areas such as: IPTV, VOD, Interactive TV, Digital Signage, Internet and more.
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Latest Project

Mobile Ordering for Customer, app has been designed for business specially Restaurants to give their customer an Easy, Fast and smart experience from their iDevices.
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Mobile Ordering For Employees (In Progress), app has been designed for business specially Restaurants to give Servers and Cashiers a most efficient way to process orders. (In Progress)
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Online Ordering -Web Interface (In Progress) Designed for Businesses to publish their menu online and give the freedom to their customer to place orders wihtout having to call your store.
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Technology at reach.
Ron Luna


Monald Studios, Specializes in the technological improvement of mid-size business by integrating systems , increasing efficiency, decreasing operational costs...


Philosophy: We are always on top of the latest technology. Always looking for improvement, using all available resource at it's best. Showing the customer what's available and convenient but not often advertised or reachable to them. Offering ideas and solutions that will ensure efficiency increase on how your business runs, usually generating positive effect on your sales and revenues.


Mission: Technologies and Solutions that are only available to Big Corporation turn affordable and reachable to mid-size business.